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History of C & J Sports C & J Sports began with David Jadwin and Scott Chaney and a great idea. Dave Jadwin and his step-son Scott developed this idea slowly, at first, while working out of an old empty gas station. But soon C & J Sports products and services were in such demand that Chaney and Jadwin bought their own warehouse and employed Scott's brother, Craig Chaney and his sister Lesley A Branham One year later, C & J Sports has grown in its technology and staff to be a powerful presence in the market. If you are interested dealing with our team, visit the "FISHING TACKLE BLOWOUTS (new items)" page for deals. Our Executive Team Scott Chaney, President & CEO Craig Chaney, Vice-President Lesley Branham, Secretary/Treasurer Mission Statement C & J Sports is committed to providing quality Fishing and Hunting Supplies at prices that our customers should be able to be competitive with the chain stores..